Interesting links

Here are some interesting websites….well at least I find them interesting. Some of them are actually not chess related but most are.

Chessbase – chess news and chess shop
Somerset County Chess website – Somerset County news
Devon County website - Devon County news
4NCL – official website of the national leagues
Svgg Plettenberg – my german chess club (in german)
Taunton Chess Club – well the name is the clue. Have a look in the report section. Some great match reports by Nick Wilson
Britbase – a chess database for British tourneys
Jan Gustafsson – german GM with his own website
IMDB – International Movie Database (good for some useful movie knowledge)
Dragosien – an online economy simulation (in german)
Spiegel - news of the world (available in english and german)
ChessVibes - news, calendar, vidoes etc.

English Chess Forum - a home for discussion of the English Chess scene
NHS - obviously working for the NHS this link had to appear in this list