Tournament Calendar

As promised I have started a tournament calendar which I will update on a regular basis. Most tournaments are in the southwest of England but a few from other parts of the country will appear here as well. The occasional german tournament has to appear here as well!!!

As well as tournament dates I will also show the dates for the different league games I might play:

14th June, 12th July, 2nd August & 16th August 2011: Downend Summer Quickplay – Tourney details
17th – 19th June 2011: London Gatwick Congress – Entry form

24th – 26th June 2011: Yeovil Open – Entry form

2nd – 10th July 2011: e2e4 Irish Chess Championships in Dublin - Tourney details
10th – 14th August 2011: e2e4 Sunningdale International – Tourney details
24th – 26th August 2011: Steve Boniface Memorial Congress in Bristol – Entry form

4th – 10th September 2011:  Devon County Chess Association 61st Annual Chess Congress in Paignton - Entry Form