Wednesday, 6 April 2011

General whinning and chess last weekend

It is quite tricky to keep a blog going, especially when a busy life gets in a way. Somehow this is what has happened in the last two weeks.
Not only studying but working as well takes its toll. As a normal student life is fun and a huge great life experience (TRUST ME: done it, been there got more than one shirt!!!) but if you are a Nursing Student life is a little bit different. Not only you have to attend classes but clinical skills are important. Obviously it is important to keep my patient alive and give the patient the best possible treatment.
University throws you a spanner on the works when planning playing tournaments either in the southwest, UK or somewhere in Europe. Having 2 ½ weeks off Uni due to Easter and the Royal wedding is quite relaxing to look forward. “Unfortunately” I have booked some well deserved holidays in Lindos, which is in Rhodes. 9 days of sunshine, cocktails and just chilling in the sun with a nice book will do me good and re-charge my batteries for the Frome Congress and e2e4 Gatwick tournament.....oh yeah and University!!! *lol* 

Right, enough of my whinning!!!!  Back to chess:
Last Saturday Ben Edgell and I were travelling to Newton Abbott. We both play for Tiverton in the Devon League and this match was the decider for the league. Having a good record winning leagues and cups this season I was optimistis for this fixure. Newton Abbott has a great team and both teams were evenly matched on the day.

Home Team

Away Team
Newton Abbott 
 Mackle, Dominic
Edgell, Ben
 Homer, Stephen
Richardt, Mike
 Thompson, Robert
Hewson, Brian
 Thynne, Trefor
Duckham, Jon
 Kinder, Andrew (?)
Bartlett, Simon
 Howard, Charles (?)
Annetts, Ivor

The results is a ‘little’ bit deceiving. Brian won quite quickly against Robert with the black pieces and I agreed a quick draw against Stephen. I made a slight opening mistake which Stephen didn’t see and we reached an even middlegame when we agreed a draw. When looking at the other boards only Somin had a slightly worse position but drawish. Ivor had a lot of pressure against his opposite King and Jon was winning…. Well, Brian and I were thinking that.
But then the unthinkable happened and in timetrouble Ivor and Jon lost both games. Ben had to decline a draw offer despite the fact the only possible result was a draw. Simon fought for a lost cause as he was a pawn and position down. A bitter loss and the dream of winning the Devon league this season was gone!!!

On the same day (02/04/2011) my german club was hosting the annual rapid tourney in Plettenberg. Due to the NRW-Team-Blitz Championships a lot of players couldn’t attend the perfectly organised event. Nevertheless 4 IM’s and 1 FM found their way to Plettenberg. The event is also very popular with the juniors. About 1/3 of the participants are junior. The 9 round swiss tourney wasn’t won by any of the title holders. Svetlin Mladenov won the tournament with 8/9 followed by IM Thorsten Haub and IM Mikhail Zaitsev with 7/9.
A full list and list of the rating prizes can be found here. Please note that the short tournament report is in german.

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