Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Chess without me!!! :-(

The Sunningdale Chess Congress has just finished and unfortunately I was unable to play due to University placement and work commitments.

The Open was won by Mark Hebden with 6/7 ahead of GM Rausis, GM Arkell and IM Michielsen with 5,5/7! In the Major section the tournament was won by Jonathan Bryant with 6,5/7. He won the first 6 games and had a draw in the last round to secure the tournament win.

The next tournament is the Gatwick Open mid-June. I have persuaded a friend of mine from Germany, Dawid Pieper, to play as well. We both play for Svgg1920 Plettenberg in Germany since our junior days and Dawid occasionally plays for Taunton when he is in the southwest. Dawid will play in the Open and I will play for the first time in ages in the Major.

From next week onwards I will start preparing for the tournament. Generally just brushing up on my openings. To be perfectly honest I need to brush up my middle game skills first but that would take for years!!! So openings and endgame skills need to be improved first.

Below you find a blitz game against IM Adam Hunt from last year on ICC; a little appetizer for the forthcoming tournament.

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